Girls Inc. presents Totally Tailgate 2017

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Girls Inc. presents Totally Tailgate 2017



It didn’t matter what sports team the over three hundred guests were tailgating for at Michael’s On East at the second annual Totally Tailgate… that night, everyone in the room was rooting for Team Girls Inc. of Sarasota County!

The event had all the fun of tailgating under one roof! Sports fans enjoyed their favorite tailgating food and drinks, classic games such as beer pong and cornhole, live music by Version 3.0, and of course multiple screens to watch your favorite games….oddly that’s where I found most of the men.

Guests also enjoyed a chance for great raffle prizes, a beer garden with local craft brews, great merchandise provided by Tervis, and a chance drawing for a Big Green Egg Grill Package donated by Butcher’s Block.

I was honored to co-chair this event,” said Kelly Abercrombie. “I’ve always been passionate about helping girls so I started as a volunteer with Girls Inc. and then after a tour of the facility I joined the board.  Girls Inc is my happy place, the girls continue to thrive and with our help in fundraising, recruiting new volunteers and staying involved, we can make such an impact on their lives.”

“Totally Tailgate was a natural event for me to get involved in,”  said co-chair Taylor Mock. “What better way to kick off season than a fun, casual event eating awesome food, listening to great music, and watching football. Girls Inc is such an important part of this community.  It supports the girls when they need it most in a safe space and allows them to grow.”

Throughout the night team after team was eliminated from the beer pong and corn hole competition. In the end, Team Sprinkle with Roy Sprinkle and Heidi Anderson took home the Corn hole championship and still standing at the end of the beer pong competition were Jess Simone and Chris Wetzig.

Twenty year volunteer with Girls Inc., Jean Cooper was the lucky winner of the Big Green Egg Grill Package.

Spotted cheering on Girls Inc. was Veronica Brady, Carol Willis, Joel Iglesias, Kristen Theisen, Laura Gilbert, Tracy Spalsbury, Claudia Cardillo, Hermione Gilpin, Carla Rodman, Frank Soto, Kay Mathers, Summer Wallace, Renee Phinney, Matt Campayno, Susan Jones,  Darren and Rachel Saltzberg, Krystel Beall, Mary Pat Radford, Stacy Hanan, Sally Schule, Renee and Charles Zweil, Jenn and Denver Stutler, Chris PInckney, Johanna Gustafsson, Dan and Ella Lewis, Crystal Fulk, Jim and Alicia Chalmers, and  Paula Murray.

It is Girls Inc.’s mission that girls who attend Girls Incorporated of Sarasota County are exposed to life-changing education about entrepreneurship, technology, finances, engineering and science through national Girls Inc. curriculum and experiential learning through a girl-run city called “Dream Harbor.” Eighty percent of those who participate move on to attend higher education and have successful careers.



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