METV Spotlight — Backstage Pass August 2015


Click here to view full video!!

Click here to view full video!!


Manatee Education TV  —  Join producing director Rick Kirby as he hands you a Backstage Pass to take a look behind the scenes of the Manatee Performing Arts Center.

The mission of the Manatee Performing Arts Center is to represent, enrich and stimulate people through the art of live theatre by providing entertainment, education and an artistic outlet. The Manatee Players and its performance venue serve as a significant cultural, educational and economic resource for the Florida Gulf Coast region.

About Manatee Educational Television

Manatee Educational Television (METV), a non-profit corporation, is committed to serve the educational, cultural and community needs and interests of Manatee County.

METV has been recognized by the community for its achievements in producing programming that reaches every facet of our community. The award winning programming produced by METV is a valuable asset for the Manatee County community. METV is committed to working cooperatively with all entities in our community. We will continue to produce programs that are focused on education, enrichment, cultural information and community interest.

      METV provides commercial free programs that are focused on enriching, informing and providing educational access information for all the residents of Manatee County.

     METV is closely involved with the community organizations in order to provide timely and important programs that focus on community interests, community programs and community involvement.

     METV produces over 30 original programs each month on community, cultural and educational issues, concerns and opportunities.

     METV provides a programming guide that lists all the programs that are broadcast monthly. METV also produces Public Service Announcements; PSA’s for educational, community and cultural organizations countywide.

     METV also broadcasts satellite downlinks from the Department of Education, NASA, Classic Arts Showcase and others. Among the many programs that METV produces every month.

    METV is very proud of its community.


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